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What It Is

Engagement services are long-term projects that utilize participatory methodologies to involve various stakeholders, including communities, employees, teams, the public, public-private partnerships, coalitions, and service agencies. We will create a comprehensive engagement plan encompassing multiple types of participatory events and strategies.

The participatory strategies employed depend on the client's project goals, which range across a spectrum of involvement:

  1. Informing Stakeholders

  2. Consulting Stakeholders

  3. Partnering with Stakeholders

  4. Creating Co-Ownership with Stakeholders

Examples include:

  • Community Engagement

  • Employee Engagement

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Team Engagement

  • Coalition Building

  • Partnership Building

How It's Done

Engagement services can include various services such as research, design, facilitation, training, advisory, and strategy services. The process typically involves:

  1. Research: Conducting existing conditions research to identify key stakeholders, community groups, stakeholder demographics, ecosystem mapping, or political dynamics.

  2. Design and Facilitation: Designing and facilitating surveys, interviews, focus groups, online platforms, public forums, communications plans, marketing plans, and other participatory events using ToP Facilitation Methods.

  3. Documentation and Analysis: Gathering extensive meeting documentation from all events, analyzing and interpreting the data, and compiling an engagement findings report.

  4. Training and Strategy: Delivering training programs and strategy sessions to build stakeholders' capacity, skills, and knowledge about participatory engagement.

Final Deliverable

The final deliverables usually include:

  • A findings report with qualitative and quantitative data from the engagement efforts

  • A recommendations report to assist the client in decision-making based on the engagement findings.

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