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What It Is

Management and strategy services involve a structured approach to guide organizations toward their desired future goals. These services enhance coordination, efficiency, and organizational culture. By working with clients, we design and implement management plans that drive strategic, process, innovation, conflict, cultural, or operational changes. Projects can range from short-term to long-term. Examples include:​

  • Organizational Change and Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Operational Planning

  • Strategy Design

How It's Done

The approach depends on the scope and complexity of the client's needs. While a one-day strategic planning session differs greatly from some of the longer operational or organizational change management plan, the following phases are generally involved:

  1. Consultation: Meet with the client to identify the problem or opportunity and determine how our services can help achieve their goals.

  2. Assessment and/or Impact Analysis: For simpler projects, this may involve discussions about team dynamics, historical context, and specific deliverables. For more complex services, it could involve a comprehensive organizational assessment. This phase identifies stakeholders, gathers their perspectives through ToP Facilitation Methods, and defines the problem or opportunity. 

  3. Facilitation and Design: Facilitate meetings and events to help design strategic, action, communication, and/or change plans, including key performance metrics, project scope and timeline, stakeholders, and execution plans.

  4. Plan Execution: Execute the plan, which may involve creating and implementing an engagement plan to inform, consult, or partner with stakeholders. Measure the success of the change or strategy using agreed-upon metrics throughout implementation.

Final Deliverable

The final deliverable is the process that culminates in the design and/or implementation of the strategic and management plan.

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