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Our Experience

Please find a sample of projects led by Kristin Barnekov-Short below. 

Community Planning | Redevelopment | Affordable Housing | Racial Equity & Economic Mobility  Community Engagement | Workforce Development | Economic Development |
Social Services | Environmental Policy | Small Business

Northeast Community Plan

Planning | Community Engagement | Project Management | Data Collection & Analysis | Story Collection

Northeast Wilmington Community Plan

The Northeast Wilmington Community Planning initiative is an equity-focused process to create an action plan to improve quality of life in Northeast Wilmington. This project involved the collection of data through a resident survey, a parcel survey of over 3200 parcels in the study area, a business survey, focus group discussions, and the collection of interviews and stories. With the input from the community, we designed strategies to attract investment in all that makes this community valuable and unique. The plan will be complete around the end of 2021.

Project Management | Visioning Facilitation | Stakeholder Engagement

New KCC Design and Program Planning 

Kristin Barnekov-Short served as the staff lead on the design and programming planning for the new Kingswood Community Center. She worked with the architects and stakeholders to determine the vision for the building and prioritizing the space needs. The WRK Group will soon be breaking ground for the new state of the art Kingswood Community Center and is using the virtual walk through to raise the $30 million needed to build the new community center.

Community Organizing | Logistics | Leadership | Collaboration

COVID PPE Response Organizing

In the early days of the pandemic, Kristin Barnekov-Short and her colleague organized the community to create fabric masks for health care facilities across the State of Delaware. Because the need was so great, and PPE was unavailable, this resource became the primary source of masks for essential workers. She grew the effort to over 2300 volunteers who made and delivered over 40,000 masks to Delaware providers. 

Mask Distribution Group

Project Management | Program Design & Implementation | Metrics Development | Client Engagement

EMPOWER Initiative

The REACH Riverside EMPOWER Program was launched in 2021 and led by Kristin Barnekov-Short. The program is designed to provide holistic wrap around services to residents of the low-income neighborhood of Riverside in Wilmington, Delaware as the families prepare to relocate to new affordable housing being built by REACH. The program focuses on self-sufficiency and economic mobility with the north star being breaking inter-generational poverty. 

Riverside Wilmington DE
Environmental Justice Roundtable

Stakeholder Identification | Community Engagement | Facilitation | Event Logistics

Environmental Justice Roundtable Event

The first Environmental Justice Roundtable event was organized by Kristin Barnekov-Short when she served as Chief of Staff for DNREC. The community and stakeholders were engaged and the event resulted in a comprehensive report with the opinions and recommendations from the community about environmental justice issues. 

Other Projects

  • Planning and implementing a pandemic response initiative for a one time distribution of 125,000 KN95 masks, on behalf of a State agency, to students in grades 6-12, all school staff, and licensed child care providers in Delaware. 

    • Creating a logistics plan for four distribution events

    • Tracking data, developing messaging and communications

    • Engaging with agencies and school districts

    • Implementing and managing the logistics for the distribution.

  • Coordinating the community engagement phase of a large project to reimagine services for a State agency. 

    • Creating a community leader and influencer outreach plan

    • Creating survey, interview and focus group plans and instruments

    • Identifying stakeholders

    • Developing outreach materials

    • Conducting outreach

    • Conducting in-depth interviews

    • Facilitating focus groups

    • Collecting quantitative and qualitative data

    • Analyzing data

    • Writing a community engagement findings report

  • Coordinating a Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Funding initiative for a State agency. 

    • Coordinating with agency staff about BIL funding

    • Acting as a liaison for the Department with the State BIL coordinator

    • Briefing the Cabinet Secretary on BIL funding awarded to the Department

    • Tracking federal funding grant opportunities and awards to the agency

  • Managing a subcommittee for a State agency to study State retiree healthcare benefits comprised of legislators, government agency officials, and stakeholder group leaders.
    • Coordinating agency staff and committee chairs to plan and prepare for committee meetings​
    • Providing strategy and guidance for agency staff to manage a vocal stakeholder group that has a significant interest in the committee's decisions and outcomes
    • Assisting in preparing meeting agendas, materials and presentation slides
    • Staffing the committee meetings, moderating the virtual platform, and managing the public comment portion of the meetings 
    • Writing a FAQ document and initial and final reports to the General Assembly and the Governor's Office
  • Managing the economic development and transportation initiatives for a nonprofit community redevelopment organization working in Northeast Wilmington.
    • Facilitating collective impact working groups to move forward economic development projects desired by the community  
    • Acting as a liaison between government agencies and the community to ensure that the community has knowledge about projects impacting the community and the ability to provide input
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