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What It Is

Our Planning and Design Services involve leading or assisting in creating programs, services, events, facilitator guides, organizational systems and processes, logistical plans, and engagement plans. Examples include:

  • Event Design: Workshops, Meetings, Conferences, Retreats

  • Community Engagement Program or Plan

  • Project Plan

  • Program Development

  • Organizational Design

  • Communications Plan

  • Marketing Plan

  • Advocacy Campaign Design

How It's Done

For simpler and smaller design services, such as creating a meeting agenda or facilitator guide:

  1. Consultation: Meet with the client to assess their needs, expectations, past efforts, and success criteria.

  2. Design: Develop the initial design based on the consultation.

  3. Feedback: Present the design to the client for feedback and make necessary revisions.

For more complex and intensive projects, such as program design, systems design, or program and project development:

  1. Assessment: Work with the client to review and assess their needs, capabilities, strengths, and challenges.

  2. Collaboration: Engage with the client and their stakeholders using ToP Facilitation Methods to:

    • Identify the problem or opportunity

    • Brainstorm and ideate options

    • Evaluate options 

    • Create the plan, program or process design

  3. Implementation: Develop an implementation plan for the plan, program or process and establish success metrics (refer to Management and Strategy Services for more on the implementation process).

Final Deliverable

The final deliverables for design and planning services may include a report, presentation, plan, guide, or another format that outlines the design or plan created for the client. 

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