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What it is

Our Facilitation Services involve providing an unbiased third-party facilitator to design and manage events using methods that enhance group cohesion and effectiveness. These services can be applied to various events, whether one-time or ongoing, such as meetings, retreats, workshops, focus groups, conferences, and committees. We do this through Focused Conversation Methods, Consensus Workshop Methods, and Action Planning Processes. Types of facilitation services include: 

  • Meeting Facilitation 

  • Team Facilitation 

  • Dialogue Facilitation

  • Workshop Facilitation 

  • Conference Facilitation 

  • Public Forum Facilitation

  • Panel Moderating

How It's Done

We collaborate with clients to assess their goals, expectations, interests, current challenges, group dynamics, and past actions. Using facilitation expertise, we select the appropriate methodologies to create a facilitator guide for the event. During the event, we facilitate, according to this guide, and document the meeting through note-taking on a flip chart or with the help of a co-facilitator. 

Final Deliverable

the final deliverable for facilitation services typically include an internal facilitator guide, an external event agenda, necessary supplies and materials for the event, and the facilitation itself. Meeting documentation is also provided. 

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